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what I have learned about Love....

  1. This is for all of the beautiful women in this world....

  1. The Ancient Greeks had six different names/conceptions for love, briefly described as follows:
    Agape - Love in its spiritual sense; the love God commanded us to have for one another; and, in its deepest sense, true unconditional love.
    Eros - Romantic love; intimate love.
    Philos - The love one might have for a friend, a brother or sister; someone we hold in high esteem.
    Ludos - Playful love, the love between children; light flirtations.
    Pragma - Longstanding love; love that endures; a deep love and understanding between long-married couples.
    Philautia - Love of the self, of which there are two versions: one egotistical and narcissistic; the other a healthier version, understanding who and what we are.
    Egotism and narcissism, (in my opinion), have their foundations in insecurity and low self-esteem. The secure in mind, heart, and Spirit have no need to advertise themselves or aggrandize themselves, sometimes to the detriment of others.
    Love, in its highest sense and in all its forms, is sacred. Some, through their words and actions, debase and defile it, and in those instances, it is no longer love.
    It seems to me that very few persons encourage us to love and appreciate the self. It also seems to me that all other loves, in their distinctions and degrees, must flow from an appreciation and love of self. We cannot give what we do not possess. If we do not care for ourselves with love and compassion, how can we extend love and compassion to others? Compassion is love with understanding, and not to be confused with pity.
    There is a line in Proverbs 4:7, "and with all thy getting, get understanding."
    Understand that you are a child of God, infinitely precious in His eyes and worthy of love. Love and appreciate yourself.
    Understand you are a one-of-a-kind work of art, an engineering marvel, and unique in your own particular way. Love and appreciate yourself.
    Understand that others' approval or disapproval does not make or break you. Your own approval or disapproval does that. Love and appreciate yourself.
    Understand the folly of living in the past which blinds us to the blessings and possibilities of today, and closes the door on the blessings and possibilities of tomorrow. Please don't get stuck in the past. Whatever you are regretting could not have had a different outcome unless you were able to go back in time, rewrite history, and convince all those involved to follow the new script. Love and appreciate yourself. Let the past rest in peace.
    Understand and love the body you have that has been continuously working for you from the moment of conception to this very moment, and will continue to do so until you leave the physical body and go into the Light. All without direction from you, and mostly taken for granted, your heart beats; your lungs breathe, your brain thinks and remembers; blood circulates throughout your body nourishing every cell; you look out and see the faces of those you love and the beauty all around you, above you and beneath you; you are able to speak, sing, laugh; you hear the songs of birds, music playing, the joyful laughter of children, the voices of loved ones; your arms and hands can shelter an infant, comfort a friend, embrace those you love, perform a multitude of tasks; your legs and feet walk, run, skip, jump, dance, and take you wherever you want or need to go. So much more than I have mentioned is continuously going on every moment of every day and night. Every part of your body works in harmony with every other part to maintain health and balance. Even in the sleep state, a part of your brain remains on alert for the cry of a child, unfamiliar and possibly dangerous sounds and smells. Always available, always the servant, the blessings of the body are endless. Love and appreciate the body that shelters the Spirit of God. Love and appreciate your body.
    Everything and everyone flourishes with love and attention. Love is the great healer. Accept who you are. Appreciate who you are, your skills and creativity, your ability to learn new things, and your ability to take care of yourself. Be grateful for it. Respect all that you are. Love, comfort, and protect your inner child, that part of you that may still feel vulnerable or fearful at times. Love all that you are. Honor yourself and the Spirit within you. If you do not, neither will others.

    Remember to always take care of yourselves. Walk in dignity and grace. You are important to God, the Universe, and all those who love you, including me. Kayyla.

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what I have learned about Love....

This is for all of the beautiful women in this world.... The Ancient Greeks had six different names/concep...